Photo by Abigail Pope

Photo by Abigail Pope



Fashion Cunt // Funny or Die

Run the Jewels - Call Ticketron (Official Music Video)

A Very Bonnaroo Thanksgiving (dir. by amber schaefer)

Hard Melissa // Two minutes to late night

King Rick's Royal Drag (dir. by amber schaefer)

Planned Parenthood Song Live

 Photo by Mindy Tucker

Photo by Mindy Tucker


Hello I am Emily. I am a Comedian, Musician, Writer and sometimes I DJ in bars with my real life Dad. I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY.

I have been featured in and produced comedy videos for such websites as Pitchfork.TV and Funny or Die, I play a recurring character named Hard Melissa on the Metal Talk Show Two Minutes to Late Night, and I was recently featured in a sketch on The Break with Michelle Wolf. I have performed standup all over our beautiful country, mostly recently on a tour opening for Alex Cameron.

I once wrote this fun column about Thrifting for Millihellen / Jezebel

I host and produce a monthly comedy show at Max Fish in the LES with my pal, Lillian Devane

My toes are pretty much always cold, Feel free to drop me a line!




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